Novo Nordisk is committed to doing everything we can to improve the treatment of diseases.  This includes providing as much information as we can to healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations and patients about the proper use of the medicines and delivery systems we manufacture.

Collaborations with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations help us to drive innovation and develop new medicines, enhance quality of health education and identify patient needs.

Novo Nordisk supports transparency and is committed to compliance with disclosing our financial relationships related to our collaborations with the medical community as required by our industry guideline, namely the ABPI Code of Practice.  We believe transparency of financial relationships between those with whom we collaborate is very important to maintaining trust-based relationships with our patients and the public.

Novo Nordisk works alongside Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and Healthcare Organisations (HCOs) to improve the development and delivery of life-enhancing and life-saving medicines for patients.

To ensure that patients have confidence in these relationships, the pharmaceutical industry is taking the lead on disclosing details of payments and other benefits in kind made by Novo Nordisk to HCPs and HCOs.

In-line with current ABPI requirements, Novo Nordisk submits information regarding transfers of the value made to healthcare organisations and healthcare professionals to the ABPI central disclosure platform.  For further information, please visit

In line with the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Code of Practice, Novo Nordisk UK are providing details of the Patient Organisations it partners with, including the nature and financial element of each instance of support.

2020 support provided to UK Patient Organisations

Patient Organisation

Description of activity or project support

Net value of support (£)

Diabetes UK

Purchase of stand space at local Diabetes UK meeting


Diabetes UK

Purchase of stand space at local Diabetes UK meeting


Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK conference 2020 Exhibitor Costs


Diabetes UK

Sponsorship of the Diabetes UK professional conference 2020: Online Series


Diabetes UK

Financial grant for Discovering Leadership program, a development program for healthcare professionals including diabetes specialist nurses and dieticians


Diabetes UK

Financial support for Diabetes UK Clinical Champions program


Diabetes UK

Financial grant for Discovering Leadership program for pharmacists, a development program specifically for pharmacists working in diabetes.                


Haemophilia Scotland

Zoom webinar package licence to run webinars for patient information and education


Haemophilia Scotland

Grant for the Older Person with Bleeding Disorder program


International Alliance of Patients Organisations

Sponsorship of Global Patients’ Congress (GPC) 2020 – Silver sponsor


Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)

Financial support for non-specific projects relating to supporting the overall objectives of the organisation


Sickle Cell Society

Service provided by a representative of Sickle Cell Society on the Novo Nordisk Rare Blood Disorders expert panel


The Patients Association

Support for a survey of people with long-term conditions and the impact of Covid-19


The Patients Association

Corporate membership


The Patients’ Association

Sponsorship of a project to empower patients and provide information and support when switched to biosimilar medications


The Paula Carr Trust

Grant for a clinical pharmacist to provide remote consultations for diabetes patients identified as being at risk of experiencing deteriorating clinical



Turner Syndrome Support Society (TSS)

Corporate membership



2019 support provided to UK Patient Organisations

2018 support provided to UK Patient Organisations

2017 support provided to UK Patient Organisations



Novo Nordisk is committed to transparency in our clinical research and continues to comply with the laws and regulations related to the registration and disclosure of Novo Nordisk sponsored clinical study information.

For further information about clinical trials sponsored by Novo Nordisk click here.

In line with Gender Pay Gap Reporting (GPGR) regulations, all UK companies with more than 250 employees are required to publish their GPGR statistics using data as of 5th April 2021. The metrics cover the gap in pay, the gap in bonus payments, the proportion of men/women at different pay quartiles, and proportion of men/women receiving bonus pay-outs over the previous 12 months period (6 April 2020 to 5 April 2021).

At Novo Nordisk Limited, we are committed to treating pay equality, and diversity and inclusion, with the highest priority. We have a number of activities focused on ensuring that male and female employees are paid equally for work of the same value, and we do not tolerate discrimination on gender or any other protected grounds.

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