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Our Commitment to Transparency

We are committed to transparency in financial relationships with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations

How we report

Novo Nordisk is committed to doing everything we can to improve the treatment of diseases.  This includes providing as much information as we can to healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations and patients about the proper use of the medicines and delivery systems we manufacture.

Collaborations with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations help us to drive innovation and develop new medicines, enhance quality of health education and identify patient needs.

Novo Nordisk supports transparency and is committed to compliance with disclosing our financial relationships related to our collaborations with the medical community as required by our industry guideline, namely the ABPI Code of Practice.  We believe transparency of financial relationships between those with whom we collaborate is very important to maintaining trust-based relationships with our patients and the public.

Our commitments

Supporting Healthcare Organisations

We are committed to supporting appropriate independent requests from Healthcare Organisations. Healthcare Organisations interested in seeking a grant are required to complete an application form.