Patient Organisations

In line with the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Code of Practice, Novo Nordisk UK are providing details of the Patient Organisations it partners with, including the nature and financial element of each instance of support.

2018 support provided to UK Patient Organisations

Patient Organisation  Description of activity or project support  Net value of support (£)
Child Growth Foundation Support the update of the Child Growth Foundation website (£2,500) and the preparation, publishing and distribution of two Child Growth Foundation booklets (£2,500) £5,000.00
Diabetes UK Partial support of venue and subsistence for workshop (November 2018) 'Insight into Black and Minority Ethnic Communities and Diabetes in the North East' £480.00
Diabetes UK To support a project to measure the impact of Patient Activation Measures to assess patients with a long-term condition £6,525.00
Diabetes UK Support of the Diabetes UK Clinical Champions Project £109,818.00
Diabetes UK Sponsorship of the Diabetes UK Professional Conference 14-16 March 2018 (stand space) £33,734.00
Diabetes UK Sponsorship of the Lincs Diabetes UK Network Meeting £120.00
Diabetes UK Support towards the 'Tomorrows Leaders Training Programme 2018', which provides Diabetes Specialist Nurses and Dieticians with the skills and confidence to become strong local leaders to ensure that the best diabetes care is delivered in their area £14,000.00
Diabetes UK Sponsorship of the "Challenges and Solutions in Diabetes Foot Care" meeting 7 June 2018 £400.00
Diabetes UK Sponsorship of the 'Young Diabetologists and Endocrinologists Forum: ABC of Diabetology and Endocrinology Course' June 2018 £15,000.00
Diabetes UK Support towards 'Shared Practice Workshops' £40,843.00
Diabetes UK Sponsorship of the South West Professional Conference 2018 £540.00
Diabetes UK Sponsorship of the West Midlands Footcare Event £100.00
Diabetes UK (Northern Ireland) Sponsorship of the NI Diabetes UK Professional Conference 6 June 2018 (stand space) £960.00
Heart UK Support for the Heart UK Campaigning Committee £24,000.00
HOOP (Helping Overcome Obesity Problems) Support of the Community Champion Group for Obesity £50,134.00
International Alliance of Patients Organisations Gold Sponsorship of the Global Patients Congress 2018 £23,647.00
International Alliance of Patients Organisations Silver Core Sponsorship 2018 £19,706.00
JDRF Limited Platinum sponsorship of the EXTOD / PEAK Conference October 2018 £7,500.00
The Patients Association 12 month corporate membership £10,000.00
The Patients Association Sponsorship towards the Great North Run £700.00
Turner Syndrome Support Society (TSS) To support the costs of patient activities £6,197.00




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June 2019