Patient Organisations

In-line with The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Code of Practice, Novo Nordisk UK are providing details of the Patient Organisation it partners with, including the nature and financial element of each instance of support.

2017 support provided to UK Patient Organisations

Patient Organisation  Description of activity or project support  Value of support (£) 
British Obesity Society Purchase of exhibition stand space at the British Obesity Society education day, 15 November 2017, Wolverhampton.  £3,000.00
British Obesity Society Production of information leaflets and podcasts to support people living with obesity. £5,500.00
Child Growth Foundation

Support the costs of improvement and update to the Child Growth Foundation website.

Support the costs of two new information booklets created by Child Growth Foundation.

Diabetes UK  Sponsorship towards a DUK Professional Workshop entitled “Insight into Black and Minority Ethnic Communities and Diabetes- Focus on the North East”.  £586.00
Diabetes UK  Support towards the ”Tomorrow’s Leaders Training Course” which provides Diabetes Specialist Nurses and Dietitians with the skills and confidence to become strong local leaders to ensure the best diabetes care is delivered in their area. £54,381.60
Diabetes UK  Support towards Shared Practice Workshops. £49,012.80
Diabetes UK  Sponsorship of the Diabetes UK Professional Conference, 8-10 March 2017, Manchester.  £28,447.20
Diabetes UK  Sponsorship of Diabetes in Pregnancy meeting, 14 November 2017. £7,200.00
Diabetes UK  Support for Clinical Champions project £219,342.00
Diabetes UK 

Purchase of exhibition stand space at the Professional Diabetes Conference, Riddel Hall Belfast, June 2017.

Diabetes UK 

Venue hire for a meeting to roll out Eden mini modules

Diabetes UK 

To support a project to measure the Impact of Patient Activation Measures to assess patients with a long-term condition.

Diabetes UK 

Sponsorship of Diabetes UK Innovators in Diabetes programme, 10 to 11 November 2017


Diabetes UK
Donation. £1245.00
Diabetes UK  Donation. Provision of Glucagon® Hypokits® by Novo Nordisk to support the Type 1 events organised and run by Diabetes UK during 2017. 
Tuner Syndrome Support Society (TSS) To support the costs of multiple activities including:
- Update to the TSSS membership database
- Training and development for volunteers of the TSSS
- Improvement to TSSS social media channels
- Annual TSSS conference


Fees for services provided by Patient Organisation members

Patient Organisation

Service description

   Value of payment (£) 
British Obesity Society 
     Speaker service         £300




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