Diabetes care

Founded in 1923 out of a passion to help people with diabetes, Novo Nordisk’s aspiration is to improve awareness, prevention, detection and treatment of diabetes - and ultimately, to find a cure.

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Obesity and weight management

At Novo Nordisk, we are committed to improving the understanding and management of obesity as a disease.

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Haemophilia and bleeding disorders

Haemophilia is an inherited (congenital) bleeding disorder in which the proteins required for blood to clot are partly or completely missing.

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Growth hormone therapy

Growth hormone is important in helping children grow. It is also plays a role in the overall health of children and adults.   Novo Nordisk is committed to helping patients with growth-related hormone disorders.

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Hormone replacement therapy

Women begin producing the female hormone oestrogen from the time they start puberty, and continue to do so until they reach the time of their menopause.

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