Make Type 2 Diabetes Different aims to empower people with type 2 diabetes to make small changes to their lives to help them regain control of their condition. 

This webpage is intended to provide UK healthcare professionals with information and tools to help you make type 2 diabetes different by addressing the emotional impact and applying motivational interviewing techniques during your consultations.

The Make Type 2 Diabetes Different campaign and the Make Type 2 Diabetes Different expert steering committee were initiated, organised and funded by Novo Nordisk. All steering committee members were paid for their involvement in the campaign.

Have you found that, for some people living with type 2 diabetes, offering advice about what lifestyle changes they should make does not necessarily lead to behaviour change? If so, motivational interviewing could help. This technique focuses on helping people with type 2 diabetes assess for themselves what is possible, and what changes they can make. 

Aside from the impacts on physical health, living with type 2 diabetes can also significantly impact a person's emotional and mental health - and can lead to anxiety, depression and diabetes distress. There are many triggers for this, including feeling overwhelmed at diagnosis, as well as the ongoing demands of living with this long-term condition. The way a person feels about their diabetes can have a significant impact on their motivation and ability to manage their diabetes and commit to lifestyle changes. 

By encouraging people with type 2 diabetes to talk about their mental health, you can help ensure you are supporting both their physical and emotional wellbeing. To encourage them to talk to you about how they are feeling, you could:

  • Ask open-ended questions which require people to describe their thoughts, experiences or feelings, instead of giving a 'yes' or 'no' answer.
  • Create an empathetic and supportive environment for conversations about the emotional aspects of diabetes.
Clinical psychologist and Make Type 2 Diabetes Different Steering Committee member Dr Jen Bateman has developed a video to help people with type 2 diabetes acknowledge and normalise their emotions. You might find this a useful resource to share with people with type 2 diabetes. It can be found on the Make Type 2 Diabetes Different webpage for the public - a link is included at the bottom of this page. 

This guide provides practical examples of language that will encourage positive interactions with people living with diabetes and subsequently positive outcomes.

Click here to download the guide 

This guide is for healthcare professionals working with people with diabetes who are experiencing emotional difficulties. It offers strategies and tools for how to recognise and have conversations about emotional problems, as well as for providing appropriate support.

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This page contains 'Make Type 2 Diabetes Different' videos for people with type 2 diabetes and the public, to find out more about insulin resistance, the impact of type 2 diabetes on emotions and how making small lifestyle changes could help with type 2 diabetes control. 

It also contains a downloadable 'goal setting guide' for people with type 2 diabetes, to support them with setting and tracking their personal goals towards self-management.

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Dr Jen Bateman, Jan Procter-King and Dr Amir Khan were paid by Novo Nordisk for their input into the development of the resources on this webpage.