TALK Hypos

TALK Hypos is an awareness campaign from Novo Nordisk, supported by Diabetes UK, which focuses on encouraging people with diabetes to discuss day and night-time hypoglycaemia (hypos) to their doctor or nurse.

Symptoms of hypoglycaemia

Symptoms of night-time hypos can include waking up with a morning headache, night sweats and extreme tiredness.  Night-time hypos can be a particular concern as they can be unpredictable and hard to detect.  They can be a regular burden for people with diabetes and can have a serious impact on their lives, yet a recent survey reports that one-third of people failed to report night-time hypos to their doctor or nurse.

As well as more immediate symptoms, mild and severe hypos have also been linked to longer-term health complications, including, in some instances, heart disease.

Having repeated hypos can, over time, lead to 'hypo unawareness', where the warning symptoms of a hypo stop being felt, making hypos harder to identify and more difficult to manage.  It is important to know how to spot signs of day and night-time hypos and know what can be done to help tackle them.

To help you discuss hypos with your doctor or nurse and increase your confidence about managing night-time hypos, the TALK Hypos campaign includes a simple summary of what you need to remember:

  • THINK: Do you know what a hypo is? Do you suffer from hypos?
  • ASK: your doctor or nurse about hypos and discuss them as part of your consultation
  • LEARN: what can be done to better manage your hypos, including lifestyle and treatment options
  • KEEP: track of your hypos for discussion with your healthcare professional using the Hypo Journal:

Download the TALK Hypos patient leaflet for information.

For more information on diabetes and managing hypos, please visit the Diabetes UK website at, call 0345 123 2399 or e-mail


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