How to treat a hypo

Steps can be taken to avoid experiencing a hypo, including eating the right things, not skipping meals, taking your diabetes medication correctly and not drinking too much alcohol.

Should you have a hypo and you are conscious it can be treated immediately following these actions:

  • Consume 15-20g of fast-acting carbohydrate, for example:
    • A small glass of surgary (non-diet) drink
    • Three glucose tablets, or
    • Five glucose sweets
  • Retest your blood glucose levels after 15-20 minutes and re-treat if your blood glucose levels are still less than 4mmol/l.

For more information about avoiding and treating hypos, speak with your doctor or nurse at your next appointment to ensure that they are appropriately managed.  Come prepared by tracking your hypos in the Hypo Journal, available to download below:




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