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Diabetes represents a serious and urgent challenge for the NHS, and, given, the scale of the epidemic, diabetes complications are considered to be a pressing issue in their own right.

Hypoglycaemia or a hypo is one of the most common diabetes complications in those treated with sulphonylureas or insulin and is associated with reduced quality of life for the patient and a signficant financial burden on our health system.  However, hypoglycaemia remains under-recognised and under reported by patients.

  • Those with type 1 diabetes experience approximately two non-severe episodes per week, and insulin-treated patients with type 2 diabetes experience approximately one non-severe episode every two weeks.
  • Severe hypoglycaemia is a less common occurance but can require emergency assistance.

Hypo Hub provides information, resources and practical guidance on how to help your patients manage their hypoglycaemia.



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UK/WB/0516/0020(1)  September 2016

TALK Hypos

Awareness campaign and information on day and night-time hypoglycaemia

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Below the Surface

Watch the Below the Surface films to learn more about the varying symptoms of hypos

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Practical information and resources

Download the Hypo Journal and find out where to access more information on hypos

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Barriers to communication

For information on the barriers to talking about hypoglycaemia

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Impact of hypoglycaemia

Information about the impact of hypoglycaemia

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