The recruitment process

What can you expect after submitting your application?

Your application will be evaluated by the relevant hiring manager.  The hiring manager will select candidates to shortlist for the first stage interview based on the skills and experience shown in your CV and covering letter.  We aim to complete this shortlist process within 2 weeks of the advert closing date.

An overview of the selection process

The number of interviews and methods of selection will vary depending on the role.  Typically a candidate will complete two or three interviews before a final decision and offer of employment is made.  For some positions the stages of interview may involve an assessment activity, in the form of a business case, presentation, aptitude test and or an online psychometric questionnaire.

Ideally all interviews will take place in person, face to face.  The interview would typically include two or three panel members from across the business.  On occasion we may arrange a telephone interview at the first stage if it is more appropriate.

What can you expect at an interview?

The interview process is an opportunity for you to learn about us, as much as it is for us to learn more about you.  Ultimately we want to find out if together we can build a strong and successful working relationship.

Prior to the interview we suggest that you study our company by reading our website and media commentary.  Prepare for the interview by reminding yourself of the things you have done that can help you demonstrate the skills and qualities we are looking for.  We advise you to think of specific examples.  Also think about questions you may want to ask us at the interview.

The purpose of the interview is to see how you would fit into our culture and organisation and what skills and experience you could bring to the job.  We want to know why you want to join Novo Nordisk and why you think you would be successful in the position.

We encourage you to ask us any questions you may have about the job or our company.  It is important that you feel adequately informed to make a qualified decision if you are offered the position.

Will you be required to attend an Assessment Centre?

For some positions we combine interview assessment with other assessment activities.  Examples of assessment activities could be business cases, presentations, aptitude and psychometric questionnaires.  We use all assessment methods in accordance with high ethical standards and we treat all assessment results in absolute confidence.  The results will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).

If you have any questions regarding the assessment activities please do not hesitate to address them during the interview process.

Typically we would notify you at the start of the selection process if an assessment centre is required and the proposed date, so that you can plan accordingly.

Final stage of the process

The final stage of the interview process is likely to include a 'grandfather' interview.  In the UK and Ireland we include this stage of interview as an opportunity to meet and interview with the hiring manager's manager, if they have not previously been involved in the stages of selection.  When the interview process is complete, candidates are evaluated and an offer made to the suitable candidate.




UK/WB/0514/0020(1) May 2016