Changing Diabetes® through innovation

Since the early 1920's Novo Nordisk's mission has been to research and develop interventions for prevention, treatment and ultimately the cure of diabetes.  With more than 7,000 employees working in R&D worldwide, Novo Nordisk is committed to researching and developing new products and services for people living with diabetes.

In 2014, Novo Nordisk made important advances in it's product pipeline and the biotech expertise of our R&D teams is evidenced by the biopharmaceuticals they have discovered and developed. Since inventing the world's first insulin pen in 1985, Novo Nordisk has also continued to innovate new treatment-delivery devices that address the practical day-to-day needs of patients without compromising safety or accuracy of dosing.

The UK has been involved in the development of every Novo Nordisk product and has carried out many parts of the early stage development.  We currently have several ongoing studies in diabetes, haemophilia and growth hormone involving thousands of patients across more than 100 UK clinical trial sites.


Novo Nordisk Outreach Programme

Novo Nordisk runs diabetes clinical trials around the UK in partnership with researchers (qualified doctors and nurses) based in hospital clinics and GP surgeries.

As we are always looking for people to participate in our clinical trials, we established the Volunteer Outreach Programme as a way of putting the researchers we work with in touch with people who are interested in taking part in research.


Technology of tomorrow to aid diabetes education today


As part of Novo Nordisk's commitment to embracing new technology to support healthcare professionals in their learning, we have developed an interactive education tool called Diabetes Voyager.

The virtual reality technology of Diabetes Voyager, realised through a novel combination of the Oculus Rift 360 degree headset and Xbox Kinect, allows the user to travel inside the body of a diabetic patient, where they can visit the heart, brain and vascular system, and face key challenges related to diabetes management.

Not limited to merely viewing this unique perspective, the use of the Kinect motion sensor allows the user to interact with their environment through the natural movement of their body, learning about the management of diabetes in a truly innovative way and resulting in a truly immersive experience.


UK/WB/1013/0038b(1)a(1) January 2018

Changing Diabetes® through education

We are committed to improving the lives of people living with diabetes.

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Changing Diabetes® through collaboration

At Novo Nordisk we build collaborations to bring greater awareness about diabetes.

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