Changing Diabetes® through collaboration

At Novo Nordisk, we build collaborations to bring greater awareness about diabetes, and to ensure people with diabetes receive the care they deserve. We work as a partner, facilitator and knowledge resource for healthcare professionals, policy-makers and patient organisations to create an environment in which people living with diabetes get the support they need to achieve positive health outcomes.

Novo Nordisk Diabetes Leadership Forums

Novo Nordisk sponsors and co-organises international, regional and national Leadership Forums with many partners, on themes relevant to our partner organisations and local priorities.  These forums are valuable opportunities for public health stakeholders to support high-level advocacy meetings to place issues related to diabetes, and non-communicable diseases, on the political agenda and secure commitment for sustainable action on the prevention of diabetes and its complications, early detection and better care for people with diabetes.

Cities Changing Diabetes

Cities Changing Diabetes is a response to the dramatic rise in urban diabetes across the world.  It is a first-of-its-kind partnership platform for cross-disciplinary and cross-sector collaboration.  The aim is to map the extent of urban diabetes, share solutions and tackle the growing challenge of diabetes in the world's great cities.  This is because we believe that when businesses, city leaders and planners, healthcare professionals, academics and community leaders pull together, we can transform our cities into healthier places to live, work and play - and reduce the risk of urban diabetes.

Diabetes UK Local Clinical Champions

Novo Nordisk is working with Diabetes UK to strengthen advocacy and support the improvement of local diabetes services.  Since 2014, 29 healthcare professionals have been appointed as Diabetes UK Local Clinical Champions and are receiving support from both Diabetes UK and Novo Nordisk to understand and address the issues within their locality.  The Champions are also able to develop their personal leadership skills through training at the Ashbridge Business School.  Additionally, local improvement networks are being supported in localities to act as the vehicle for integration and collaboration.

South Asian Community Health Education and Empowerment Programme

Novo Nordisk worked with the South Asian Health Foundation to develop the South Asian Community Health Education & Empowerment (SACHE) programme.  South Asian communities in the UK are often seen as hard to reach with effective health education.  The SACHE programme was designed to deliver diabetes health education, tailored to the language and culture of each community, in culturally appropriate ways by locally trusted healthcare professionals.  The programme helped to address inequalities in access to health information.  In 2015, the team behind SACHE won the BMJ Diabetes Team of the Year award.

World Diabetes Foundation

The World Diabetes Foundation is an independent trust created by Novo Nordisk in 2002 to support the prevention and treatment of diabetes in the developing world.

Its aim is to alleviate human suffering related to diabetes and its complications among those least able to withstand the burden of the disease.  The Foundation supports sustainable partnerships and acts as a catalyst to help others do more.

From 2002 to September 2015, the World Diabetes Foundation provided 109 million USD in funding to 398 partnership projects in 117 countries, focusing on awareness, education and capacity building at the local, regional and global level.  For every dollar spent, the Foundation is able to raise approximately 2 USD in cash or as in-kind donations from other sources.



UK/WB/0713/0018a(4)  January 2018

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